Life Settlement Transaction Process Determines Fair Market Value

Nov 26, 2014

get a secondary opinion® The Ashar Group’s team is widely considered one of the most respected and technically proficient in the industry. You’ll find our approach to the transaction process robust, abiding by all applicable state regulations and privacy requirements, while always protecting the best interest of the policy owner throughout the entire negotiation process. […]

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Funding Long Term Care with Life Settlements

Nov 25, 2014

get a secondary opinion® As a trusted advisor, have you discussed alternative ways to fund long-term care (LTC) for your clients or their loved ones? With an aging population, the harsh reality is that a majority of Americans will need long-term care, assisted living, or homecare. Many clients in their 50-60’s cannot prepare for their […]

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Regulated Life Settlement Transactions Benefit Non-Profits

Nov 20, 2014

get a secondary opinion® The Secondary Market for Life Insurance is a global market with a variety of institutional investors. It’s primarily comprised of private equity firms, pension funds, hedge funds, reinsurers, and global banks. In a life-settlement transaction, a policyholder sells an existing life insurance policy to an institutional investor for a lump sum […]

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Life Settlements Like Real Estate Thrive in Secondary Markets

Nov 18, 2014

get a secondary opinion® They are both transferrable and that’s where the opportunity begins. If you no longer needed your home, you would sell it on the open market for its fair market value to a qualified buyer. It’s the same with Life Insurance and Annuities. We call this exchange the Secondary Market. Like real […]

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Leverage Ashar Group’s Life Settlement Training and Tools

Nov 13, 2014

get a secondary opinion® Prior to the emergence of the Secondary Market, advisors had few options to offer clients when they were deciding whether to surrender or lapse a policy. Fortunately, the Ashar Group offers advisors a free online tool called the Policy Value Quiz. It is designed to help you determine in a timely manner […]

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Life Settlements: How Much is Your Life Insurance Policy Really Worth?

Nov 11, 2014

get a secondary opinion® The majority of Americans do not realize that they have a legal right to appraise and sell their life insurance policy, as well as certain types of annuities in the regulated Secondary Market for Life Insurance for an amount higher than the cash surrender value, but less than the death benefit. […]

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Clients Seeking Liquidity Turn to the Secondary Market for Life Settlement Options.

Nov 06, 2014

get a secondary opinion® There are many situations where a policy owner, especially those focused on retirement, may wish to appraise and sell their life insurance policy for a cash settlement to fund lifestyle and caregiving needs. The most common occurs when the consumer makes a decision to stop paying the premiums on the policy […]

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Trusted Advisors Trust Life Settlements in the Secondary Market.

Nov 04, 2014

get a secondary opinion® Consumers are googling about life settlements and it’s up to you as an advisor to source, review and facilitate life settlement process and related financial solutions for your clients. And when you discover one, it’s your opportunity to protect or enhance a relationship, serve with distinction and expand the value of […]

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The Secondary Market: Seniors Can Leverage Assets for Immediate Liquidity.

Oct 30, 2014

get a secondary opinion® Within the Secondary Market, powerful options exist for seniors to leverage underutilized assets for immediate liquidity in the event of a lifestyle need, caregiving support or pressing financial burden. Life settlements can provide a welcome alternative for seniors who may otherwise abandon their life insurance policies and get nothing in return. […]

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Life Insurance: The Decision to Surrender or Sell.

Oct 29, 2014

get a secondary opinion® There’s no better advocate in helping clients meet their long-term financial goals than their advisor. With this in mind, there are many cases where an uninformed client surrenders or lapses a policy that was worth much more than the cash value. That’s why many advisors choose to order an Ashar Secondary […]

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