Mom Can’t Qualify for LTC Insurance? Try a Life Settlement.

Feb 26, 2015

get a secondary opinion® Many of your 50 and 60-year-old clients are part of the “Sandwich Generation”. They are striving to prepare for their own retirement and encumbered by the fact that they not only have financial obligations to their children, but many of them are now also faced with caring for a parent who […]

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What Kind of Life Settlement “Deal” did you get?

Feb 24, 2015

get a secondary opinion® Life insurance policy owners receive information from the insurance carrier about various policy values such as accumulated value, cash surrender value, guaranteed values, non-guaranteed values, loan value, face amount, and so on. One value that they don’t get from their insurance carrier is fair market value (FMV). For the two most […]

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Life Insurance Valuations for Fiduciaries

Feb 19, 2015

get a secondary opinion® Fiduciaries Have to Get it Right! Life insurance has always been a cornerstone of estate planning and is usually put into place by a knowledgeable life insurance agent. The attorney places the policy in an ILIT and a Trustee is chosen. In the past it was common for the attorney, a […]

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It’s a No No! - So Check for Life Settlement Value First!

Feb 17, 2015

get a secondary opinion® Every year a staggering number of senior life policy owners lapse or surrender their unneeded or underperforming life insurance policies without first checking for fair market value. A 1911 Supreme Court Decision, Grigsby v. Russell viewed life insurance as private property whose owner has all of the rights and privileges possessed […]

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ATRA Boosts Life Settlements

Feb 12, 2015

get a secondary opinion® The American Tax Payer Relief Act (ATRA) has caused many seniors to question the amount of life insurance they still need to carry for estate protection. Many of those seniors want to retain some coverage but feel they no longer need all of it. That’s where a split death benefit life […]

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M&A – Life Settlement Uncovers Additional Liquidity

Feb 10, 2015

get a secondary opinion® One of the most commonly overlooked assets in M&A activity and business succession planning is life insurance. Business Valuators do not include life insurance as part of the Business Valuation. Astute planners who are aware of this fact can uncover additional liquidity for their clients that are normally overlooked by both […]

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Life Settlement “Found Money” a Windfall for AUM

Feb 05, 2015

get a secondary opinion® Universal life policies are notorious for being underfunded which inevitably leads to a significant escalation in annual premiums costs in order to maintain the policy to maturity. If the policy is no longer needed, or has become unaffordable, and is going to be lapsed, be sure to check for fair market […]

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A, B, C’s of Introducing Policy Valuations/Life Settlements to your Clients

Feb 03, 2015

get a secondary opinion® Who qualifies? Organizing your relationships/database: 1) 65+ years and older who in your estimation have a 15 year +/- life expectancy 2) Annual level premiums of 5% of the face amount or less until maturity (Premium Ratio) 3) Policy face amount of $100,000 or greater “90% of seniors who lapsed a […]

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Life Settlements: Fiduciaries Demand Fair Market Value and Aren't Fooled by “Fair Value”.

Jan 29, 2015

Who is your client listening to? No different than other markets, there are companies trying to disintermediate fiduciaries and planners. They are aggressively advertising direct to your clients about receiving cash for their life insurance policy. If they’re successful in their quest, then your clients could be left without representation, vulnerable, and not treated in […]

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Outliving the Dream?: A Life Settlement SMV® to the Rescue

Jan 27, 2015

get a secondary opinion® Especially in a time where health costs are higher than ever, pensions are becoming a thing of the past and the financial stress still lingers in the investment accounts of Americans approaching their retirement years. The Secondary Market has taken off over the last decade, generating billions to consumers through the […]

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