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We’re a family-owned business helping financial professionals and their clients navigate the life settlement path and chart the course for a stable financial future. Our proprietary auction platform forces competition among the world’s largest institutional funds, ensuring life insurance policy owners receive the highest value.
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Meet Frank

Keep or Sell?

Like real estate or fine art, a life insurance policy is an asset. Before making a recommendation or a decision about any asset, it's important to first know its value. Ashar's process uncovers the value of existing life insurance policies to arm financial professionals, fiduciaries, and policy owners with the information needed to make challenging and complex decisions.

Meet Frank.

Policy: $1,000,000
Current Annual Premium: $36,000
Cash Value: $27,000
Life Settlement Value: $213,000

Policy owners should explore all non-forfeiture options to make an informed decision about whether a life settlement is the best option for them.

Does your policy qualify?

Our Results

Success Stories

Meet James, 72

Business was sold, and the policy was no longer needed
Business owner was able to receive additional value above and beyond the sale of the company.

Type of Policy:
Term Conversion
Policy Face Value:
Cash Surrender Value:
Life Settlement Value:
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Meet Maria, 80

Client outlived all planning and premiums were due
The adult children no longer needed to fund the caregiving needs.

Type of Policy:
Guaranteed UL
Policy Face Value:
Cash Surrender Value:
Life Settlement Value:
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Meet Mike, 78 & Sharon, 77

Surrendering policy and interested in receiving more money
Adult children unable to pay premiums to maintain the policy.

Type of Policy:
Survivorship UL
Policy Face Value:
Cash Surrender Value:
Life Settlement Value:
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More Success Stories
Multiple Bids ensure you get the best value for a policy.
Policy Auction Platform

Discover the best pathway.

We've developed a price discovery process that is grounded in a data-driven and compliance-centric approach. By focusing on best practices, we identify all the information a policy owner needs to make an informed decision and choose the right path – keep, surrender, or sell.

Our Process


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We are Ashar.

A family-owned business with a national platform.

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