Differentiate in a Crowded Marketplace

How do you make a decision about any asset without first knowing its value?

  • Longevity Analytics: crossover analysis to help make planning decisions
  • Life Insurance Valuation: determine what the policy is worth
  • Life Settlements: facilitate a competitive auction and leverage offers from multiple buyers

We're here. Every step of the way.

Estimate of Value. Timeframes. Reason for Engagement.
We provide an informal appraisal of the potential fair market value of the policy by analyzing basic medical and policy information, completing financial modeling, and applying a range of longevity assumptions. This helps determine if this range of value meets the policy owner’s expectation level.
No Medical Exam Required
A thorough review of medical records by in-house longevity experts, and complex data modeling by certified valuation analysts prepare and position the policy for market negotiations.
Price Discovery and Negotiations
Using vast life insurance knowledge, expert negotiation skills, and long-term relationships with top regulated institutional funds, the policy auction platform is leveraged to create competition and uncover the fair market value.
Similar to a real estate transaction or any asset sale, due diligence is performed, and state-approved contracts are signed in preparation for the change of ownership to the regulated institutional buyer and release of funds to the policy seller. Escrow agents and consumer disclosures are a standard practice in the transaction process.
Stellar Results
The settlement proceeds are delivered to the sellers to use in any way they wish. Whether the funds are used to optimize retirement options, pay for medical bills or long-term care, generate liquidity for a business, or alleviate cash flow problems, the result is financial independence and relief of financial pressure on families.
Should you keep or sell your policy?
Take our 2 minute questionnaire to explore if selling your life
insurance policy is the right call.
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