How to Deliver Life-Changing Value with a Life Settlement

Oct 23, 2014

get a secondary opinion® It’s not unusual to hear about a policyholder who abandons or cashes in their life insurance policy without first checking for its fair market value.. If they had appraised their policy, many would have found out that it could have been worth far more in the Secondary Market than what they […]

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Life Settlement Transactions in the Global Secondary Market

Oct 21, 2014

get a secondary opinion® The Secondary Market for Life Insurance is a global market with a variety of institutional investors. It is comprised of private equity, pension funds, reinsurers and global banks. In a life-settlement transaction, a policyholder sells an existing policy for an amount higher than the cash surrender value, but less than the […]

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Term Transformer: A Life Settlement turns a Term Life Policy into Cash!

Oct 16, 2014

get a secondary opinion® The Secondary Market has become a safe and regulated environment for policy owners to liquidate insurance policies that are no longer necessary due to changes in estate tax law. Many people are looking for new ways to enhance their current financial plan, and one new alternative is the Term Transformer. This […]

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Life Settlement Funds Retirement and Long Term Care for Seniors

Oct 14, 2014

get a secondary opinion® With an increasingly aging population, the Secondary Market’s ability to quickly generate liquidity from unneeded insurance policies is becoming more relevant each day. To explore the benefits of the Secondary Market, seniors can get a SMV®, Secondary Market Valuation, on their policies through their advisors. With an SMV® advisors have valuable […]

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Receive Fair Market Value for a Life Insurance Policy

Oct 09, 2014

get a secondary opinion® The Secondary Market has changed the way we think about life insurance and planning, and cannot be overlooked for a family, individual or business entity who are contemplating any change in a life insurance policy. Before the emergence of the Secondary Market for life insurance, individuals with impaired health were unable […]

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What’s the Fair Market Value of Your Client’s Annuity Asset Life Insurance Policy?

Oct 09, 2014

get a secondary opinion® Ashar’s proprietary SMV®, Secondary Market Valuation, is a unique analysis performed by Ashar Group to assess the fair market value of a life insurance or annuity asset for planning purposes. How does this help your customers?

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The Financial Benefits of the Secondary Market for Life Insurance

Oct 07, 2014

get a secondary opinion® A life settlement is a financial transaction that enables a policy owner to appraise and sell their life insurance policy. Similar to a piece of real estate or other valuable assets, the client can sell their policy to a third party for an amount higher than the cash surrender value, but […]

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What is a Life Settlement? A Comparison to Real Estate

Sep 30, 2014

get a secondary opinion® Real Estate and Life Insurance/Annuities have a lot in common. More than you might imagine. Both are valuable assets, both have a market value that can be hidden from view until evaluated, and both respond to the forces of supply and demand. Most importantly, if you decided to sell your home, […]

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Get Validation with an Insurance Valuation in the Secondary Market

Sep 24, 2014

get a secondary opinion® Clients rely on trusted professionals to provide objective guidance and recommendations. Many times you are required to make decisions that are in your clients' best interests during an emotional time in their life. We understand the importance of serving your clients, protecting your reputation, and growing the assets of all parties.

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Considering a Life Settlement?

Sep 23, 2014

get a secondary opinion® Now we come to the determination of whether it’s time to consider a life settlement. This is something you can quickly determine by taking a Policy Value Quiz. It’s a quick 7-question screening tool that will help you determine if a life insurance policy may qualify for a Secondary Market Solution. […]

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