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More than 30,000 financial professionals nationwide have chosen Ashar as their trusted advanced planning resource for life settlements and life insurance valuations. Since 2003, planning professionals have depended on us to provide best practice education and compliance-centric training – arming their teams with information to help clients make planning decisions and solve everyday liquidity needs.

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You’ve likely spent decades building relationships on a foundation of trust. Ashar deliberately partners with organizations that share similar values of serving clients’ best interests and a dedication to compliance and transparency. This includes honoring the relationships companies have built with their clients and ensuring our actions help protect those relationships.

As a life settlement fiduciary, we represent the policy owner and sit on the same side of the table as financial professionals and the clients you serve.

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What training and support does Ashar offer my organization?

Ashar’s executive team members are respected thought leaders in the secondary market, speaking both nationally and internationally on the topics of life settlements, policy valuations, and the impact of increased longevity on planning with senior clients. They’re supported by a team of experienced analysts who keep the promises they make on the front stage. We offer exclusive education for teams like yours so they learn new ways to meet client needs – whatever they may be. From one-on-one sessions to webinars, guest speaking events, marketing tools, newsletter content, and more, we meet you where you are so you can meet your goals. Topics range from general market overviews to success stories to in-depth life insurance policy valuation methodologies. The education possibilities are endless.

What makes Ashar different than other life settlement companies?

Ashar is a nationally licensed independent seller’s representative and does not sell life insurance, manage assets, nor purchase policies. Backed by our proprietary auction platform, our team of longevity and in-house valuation experts deliver the best results for policy owners.

Is the life settlement industry regulated?

Every state allows for the life settlement transaction. Like any other asset/property, it is a policy owner’s right to sell a life insurance policy. Some states even require disclosure of the life settlement option as an exit strategy. Additionally, all forms are regulated by each state’s department of insurance.

How does Ashar ensure client best interests and our advisors are served?

In the age of best interest regulations, many are concerned with the potential liability of not disclosing the life settlement option and a policy owner canceling a life insurance contract that was worth five to 10 times more than the cash surrender value. We represent thousands of policy owners each year to provide information so they can decide whether to keep or sell their life insurance.

Who’s buying these policies?

Experienced life settlement resources work with licensed purchasers. Each of these purchasers represent multiple funds comprised of some of the most well-known institutional investment groups – pension plans, private equity, and asset managers. Ashar requires each buyer relationship to complete a due diligence process. We never work with purchasers who represent individual investors, nor those that do not abide by all applicable regulatory requirements.

Is Ashar a licensed fiduciary to represent my clients?

Yes, we represent thousands of policy owners each year to provide information so they can decide whether to keep or sell their life insurance. We understand how to protect client’s information and abide by all applicable regulatory requirements.

Are life settlement proceeds taxable?

Money received from a life settlement is tax free up to the basis (premiums paid into the policy). From the basis to the cash surrender value is treated as ordinary income. All proceeds that exceed the cash surrender value is taxed as capital gain. *Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. Ashar does not provide tax advice. Please speak with your tax professional for more information.
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