get a secondary opinion®

They are both transferrable and that’s where the opportunity begins. If you no longer needed your home, you would sell it on the open market for its fair market value to a qualified buyer. It’s the same with Life Insurance and Annuities. We call this exchange the Secondary Market.
Like real estate, this regulated Secondary Market has generated a competitive bidding structure for institutional buyers to purchase policies from policy owners, generating immediate liquidity that can be used for retirement and healthcare needs.
Today, an informed consumer now understands that selling a policy for its fair market value may be a viable alternative if the situation is appropriate. Your client would never hand their house back to the bank or the original developer at an amount less than what they’d receive on the open market. The same applies to appraising and selling their life insurance policy. If you are in a position where you think your client can benefit from appraising their policy to uncover its Secondary Market Value, talk to a licensed advocate such as Ashar Group. You can also go to to take a short quiz to help you determine if a policy may qualify for an amount higher than the cash surrender value.