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Within the Secondary Market, powerful options exist for seniors to leverage underutilized assets for immediate liquidity in the event of a lifestyle need, caregiving support or pressing financial burden. Life settlements can provide a welcome alternative for seniors who may otherwise abandon their life insurance policies and get nothing in return. With an SMV®, Secondary Market Valuation, advisors may uncover hidden value that can create an opportunity for seniors to sell their insurance policy for a lump sum, creating immediate liquidity for retirement and long term care needs.

As advisors, we all want to serve our clients as best as we can. That’s why the Ashar Group has invested the time to develop free advisor tools like the Policy Value Quiz and the Advisor Resource Center. At the Advisor Resource Center, you’ll find downloadable training videos and other resources to help you determine if a secondary market solution would benefit your client.

We want to make it easy for advisors to learn about the Secondary Market, so you can help your clients make the best decisions, protect their independence and preserve their dignity. By doing your due diligence in analyzing Secondary Market options, you have the opportunity to protect or enhance a relationship, serve with distinction and expand the value of your services. We invite you to learn more