Life Settlement Focus: Can Your Reputation Survive a Six-Figure Oversight?

Aug 02, 2014

get a secondary opinion® As infrequent as this scenario may sound, it is far more common than your might think— the unsuspecting policy owner who abandons or cashes in their life insurance policy without first checking for SMV®, secondary market value. And for a good percentage of the time, these abandoned policies were rich in […]

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Life Settlements: Maximize Benefits, Minimize Costs - An Advisor's Duty

Jul 30, 2014

get a secondary opinion® Trust owned life insurance (TOLI) has been a subject of much concern since the mid-90’s when the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA) came on the scene. As a result, a new cottage industry of policy review companies sprung up overnight to take on the delegated responsibility of review and reporting. Life […]

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SMV® - The Advantages of a Secondary Market Valuation

Jul 17, 2014

get a secondary opinion® As economic and demographic circumstances emerge to create a demand for liquidity and cash flow solutions, alternatives like the SMV®, the Ashar Group Secondary Market Valuation, have been a prudent and valuable solution for advisors to finally provide the clarity and concise policy analysis clients demand. The simplicity, accuracy and trustworthy […]

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Life Settlement 101: How Does Transparency and Disclosure Impact Fiduciary Responsibility?

Jul 02, 2014

get a secondary opinion® It's up to you to source, review and facilitate solutions for your clients. That’s why the Secondary Market isn't just an option for fiduciaries, bound to serve clients as though the funds were their own — it’s an option that is simply good practice for every advisor if the circumstances are […]

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Need for Coverage Changes due to Decrease in the Estate Tax Exemption

Jun 26, 2014

get a secondary opinion® Life insurance has long been a planning tool to offset the impact of federal estate taxes or provide financial relief when a family needs it most. One of the most significant events that impacted recommendations by attorneys, CPAs, and advisors was the passing of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 […]

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