We Are Ashar

A family-owned business with a national platform.

Our company has been focused solely on life settlements and life insurance valuations since the beginning, earning us the reputation as a trusted resource for thousands of financial professionals, fiduciaries, policy owners, families, and businesses across the country.

We are different by design.

Since 2003, we have worked tirelessly to fill a void in the life settlement marketplace and demonstrate our commitment to those that trust us to represent them. We have grown into a robust team who is dedicated to helping financial professionals, fiduciaries, and policy owners navigate the life settlement process.

The Promise Keepers

Service Team

Our service team is dedicated to supporting every team member, client, and financial professional we have the pleasure of working with and quite literally keep everything moving.

Experienced Analysts

Our experienced analysts dive into the details of each client engagement, ensuring we understand client expectations and what it will take to deliver the best results.

Contracting Experts

Our contracting experts understand the complex nature of transferring a life insurance contract from one owner to another and how to communicate with insureds, families, planning teams, and buyers alike – navigating challenging dynamics to achieve a favorable outcome to the clients who depend on us.

Longevity & Valuation

In-house certified longevity and valuation experts designed to provide the concise, accurate data policy owners and planning teams require to make complex decisions about their life insurance policies based on their unique expectations and needs.

Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships team is committed to developing the education and training resources for our exclusive relationships that arms them with knowledge about the life settlement solution to grow their practice and fulfill their clients’ financial goals.


Our in-house compliance expertise ensures Ashar is versed in the most current regulation enabling us to be ahead of the curve when it comes to our transparent approach to the life settlement process.
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