Life Settlements: Fiduciary Helps Client Uncover SMV®, Fair Market Value

Jan 22, 2015

get a secondary opinion® Many times a policy owner doesn’t realize the true value of their life insurance policy, letting it lapse or surrendering it back to the insurance company before checking for Fair Market Value. For example, an 81-year-old female had purchased a $3 Million Universal Life policy in 1988 and was told that […]

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Life Settlements: Funding Long Term Care.

Jan 20, 2015

get a secondary opinion® A new life settlement option has been developed to assist senior clients who have an immediate need of long term care. It applies to nursing home care, home skilled nursing care, assisted living, and hospice. This long term care (LTC) benefit program is an approved Medicaid spend down and allows the […]

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Fiduciary Must-do List

Jan 15, 2015

get a secondary opinion® Even though life settlements have been available for over two decades, fiduciaries may not be clear on measures that need to be taken to protect the best interests of their clients. There are a few simple guidelines that you can follow to help mitigate risk. The first and most important is […]

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Use Your Life Insurance Asset to Your Greatest Advantage

Jan 01, 2015

Is Life Insurance Your Client’s Greatest Asset? A life insurance policy can have a monetary value on the Secondary Market that far outshines its cash surrender value. Using a SMV®, Secondary Market Valuation, can help you determine the actual fair market value of a policy for your client. And finding previously unknown monetary value not […]

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Fair Market Value: Beware if your Life Settlement Offer Isn’t FMV

Dec 30, 2014

In an extremely competitive insurance landscape, protecting the client by ensuring they get fair market value in a Life Settlement should be the foremost priority in any advisor’s mind. Yet far too often, unsuspecting clients and their advisors are taken advantage of when they knowingly participate in a process that does not secure the fair […]

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5 Reasons Clients Ask Their Advisor about Life Settlements

Dec 16, 2014

get a secondary opinion® It’s not uncommon that policies issued years ago can outlive their original purpose. There are also times when more modern products are available. Situations such as nearing the end of a conversion period for Term policies, or the challenges of underfunded policies, may result in a senior exploring the life settlement […]

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Living Too Long: How Life Settlements Help Seniors When the Money Runs Out

Dec 11, 2014

get a secondary opinion® People are living longer and pensions are becoming a thing of the past. The Life Settlement option has emerged as a viable option when it becomes clear to the adult-children or the senior that they are outliving their savings and in need of liquidity to maintain their lifestyle for years to […]

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Deliver Value and Minimize Pitfalls with a Life Settlement.

Dec 09, 2014

get a secondary opinion® It’s not unusual to hear about a policyholder who abandons or cashes in their life insurance policy without first checking for its fair market value. If they had appraised their policy, many would have found out that it could have been worth far more in the Secondary Market than what they […]

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It’s Simple. Start with a Policy Value Quiz to Uncover the Life Settlement Value.

Dec 04, 2014

get a secondary opinion® As advisors first and foremost, we all want to serve with commitment and compassion in helping all parties involved in the consideration of a life settlement. That includes making it easy for advisors to learn about the secondary market, so you can help your clients make smart decisions, protect their independence […]

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Should I Surrender My life Insurance for Minimal Value or Sell it for Fair Market Value?

Dec 02, 2014

get a secondary opinion® There are many factors involved when making this big decision, but if other options aren’t readily available, a cash settlement in the secondary market can be a significant source of needed income. The Ashar SMV®, Secondary Market Valuation, can help you determine if your client’s policy has value beyond the cash […]

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