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Life Settlements can fund Retirement and Long Term Care

Life Settlements can fund Retirement and Long Term Care

With an increasingly aging population, the Secondary Market’s ability to quickly generate liquidity from unneeded insurance policies is becoming more relevant each day.

To explore the benefits of the Secondary Market, seniors can get a SMV®, Secondary Market Valuation, on their policies through their advisors. With an SMV® advisors have valuable information about the fair market value of the policy when helping clients make informed decisions regarding financial challenges.

An independent, secondary market policy valuation can add a whole new dimension to determinations about reducing or eliminating insurance premiums for senior clients, who can then use the money to fund retirement needs or long-term care.

As needs emerge among seniors for Long Term Care and changing lifestyle requirements, many are seeking alternative funding solutions. Advisors with knowledge of the Secondary Market can provide needed guidance to seniors and help this ever-increasing group navigate a course that will adequately fund their retirement and healthcare needs.

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