get a secondary opinion®

As economic and demographic circumstances emerge to create a demand for liquidity and cash flow solutions, alternatives like the SMV®, the Ashar Group Secondary Market Valuation, have been a prudent and valuable solution for advisors to finally provide the clarity and concise policy analysis clients demand. The simplicity, accuracy and trustworthy insight of the SMV® is a smart choice in the following situations:

    • -Determining the fair market value of your contract
    • -Completing a business valuation - including insurance or annuities
    • -Transferring a policy from one entity to another
    • -Exiting a Non-Equity Collateral Split Dollar contract
    • -M&A or bankruptcy transactions
    • -Partner disputes and buy/sell agreements
    -Private foundations

When it comes to the secondary market, a trusted advisor sometimes needs a trusted advisor. That is where Ashar Group’s unique blend of industry insight, carrier intelligence, and proprietary underwriting formulas integrate into the most valuable Secondary Market resource today. Check your client’s policy for potential value at