get a secondary opinion®

Trust owned life insurance (TOLI) has been a subject of much concern since the mid-90’s when the Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA) came on the scene. As a result, a new cottage industry of policy review companies sprung up overnight to take on the delegated responsibility of review and reporting. Life Insurance is a complex asset to manage and to do it as a prudent investor would.

According to The UPIA on the guidance of managing Trust-Owned Life Insurance, it is an advisor’s duty to monitor performance, investigate suitability, and minimize costs while maximize benefits on a client’s policy. So when an existing policy doesn’t meet the current needs of the trust and other options need to be explored, the secondary market could be a life-saving option. Unfortunately, most policy review processes do not include an analysis for secondary market value.

The Ashar SMV® (secondary market valuation) gives advisors a valuable tool that allows them to leverage the policy, giving their clients the option to sell the policy for significant cash value or retain some coverage with no future premium payments. More and more, a secondary market solution is becoming a go-to choice for senior policy owners. To get the process started, get a secondary opinion® of the potential value of your client’s policy at