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Ashar Group announces the SMV®, Secondary Market Valuation for the Financial Services and Life Settlement Industry

Orlando, FL – August 21, 2014 (Marketwire) Ashar Group today announced a new valuation standard for determining fair market value of life insurance policies in the Financial Services and Life Settlements Industry called the SMV®, or the Secondary Market Valuation℠.

Ashar’s proprietary SMV®, Secondary Market Valuation, is a unique analysis performed by Ashar Group to assess the fair market value of a life insurance or annuity asset for planning purposes.

The SMV® is the flagship valuation instrument in Ashar’s suite of life settlement and secondary market tools and is offered to financial advisors, attorneys, CPAs, banks, trustees and private client groups who focus on comprehensive estate and business planning.

The SMV® was created to meet the demands of attorneys, CPAs, and fiduciaries for a standardized valuation of life insurance assets. A strong regulatory environment, increased public awareness of life settlements, and consumer friendly legislation protecting the right of the policy owners to sell their life insurance policies for more value, were the main drivers.

Additionally, as a result of changes in what is considered a “fiduciary responsibility”, more and more professional advisors for the high net worth market are seeking to mitigate risk and review all possibilities to benefit their clients. “In many of the more complex planning scenarios, the SMV® is chosen by the financial planning professionals who demand a formal and concise evaluation of secondary market value,” says Ashar Group CEO, Jon Mendelsohn.

The SMV® includes factors such as:
1. Policy Filter – in-depth analysis of policy contract and illustrations
2. Longevity Analysis - projected mortality of the insured
3. Market Competitiveness – current eligibility requirements

“In these ultracompetitive economics times, protecting client relationships is paramount,” said Mendelsohn. “It is important for advisors of all types to understand the secondary market value of their clients’ assets, including the SMV®, Secondary Market Valuation, of their life insurance. The SMV® enables an advisor to better serve their clients by assessing options and total value of their personal and professional holdings, including their life insurance assets.”

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Ashar Group, LLC serves as a strategic partner and specialist in the Secondary Market for Life Insurance. Founded in 2003, Ashar Group has passed the stringent compliance and due diligence requirements of top-tier domestic and international financial institutions and advisory firms. Ashar has forged longstanding strategic partnerships in the financial services and insurance markets. This proven track record has established Ashar as the trusted and go-to resource in this space.

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