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At Ashar Group, our objective is to protect the interest of all parties throughout the settlement process. We believe that advisors need to be confident they are associated with a partner that fully understands the complexities they face today, both legally and ethically.

Most importantly, our commitment to compliance is not simply to enable our organization to operate within the safe bounds of regulatory norms: we want to lead by example. We believe that with full transparency and adherence to the highest standards, we can accomplish two very important goals:

First, protect the objectives of all parties involved. By maintaining high standards and a dedication to detail, we ensure that more time is spent on worthwhile engagements that translate into productive and profitable work for the policy owner and the advisors that serve them.

Second, we believe that by holding the highest standards for all to see, we can shape the industry and gain renewed confidence in the value, safety and validity of the Life Settlement process and ensure its positive growth.

Compliance isn't an unnecessary burden that we must yield to. Instead, it offers the means to enhance and dignify our industry sector and protect the priorities and financial opportunities for the millions of consumers that need Secondary Market Solutions.

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