get a secondary opinion®

It's up to you to source, review and facilitate solutions for your clients. That’s why the Secondary Market isn't just an option for fiduciaries, bound to serve clients as though the funds were their own — it’s an option that is simply good practice for every advisor if the circumstances are appropriate. Can you imagine if a client surrendered or lapsed a policy that could have been worth 10 times more than the cash value? How would that impact the trust the client had in the advisor? Would it open the door to a competitor? Would it damage a reputation?

For these important reasons, top advisors take the following steps to limit reputational risk and ensure they are acting in their clients’ best interests:

    • • Evaluate the client’s overall financial situation to determine if a Secondary Market Valuation or Life Settlement is a desirable option
    • • get a secondary opinion® of the potential value of your client’s policy at
    • • Research the Secondary Market to select a highly regarded and nationally licensed brokerage firm with established institutional funding relationships
    • Secure the highest market valuation possible for their client’s policy. The most practical way to achieve this goal is to obtain multiple offers through competitive bidding.

By doing your due diligence in analyzing the Secondary Market, you have the opportunity to protect and enhance a relationship, serve with distinction and expand the value of your services.