get a secondary opinion®

Especially in a time where health costs are higher than ever, pensions are becoming a thing of the past and the financial stress still lingers in the investment accounts of Americans approaching their retirement years.

The Secondary Market has taken off over the last decade, generating billions to consumers through the surrender value of their policy. Right now, $92 Billion worth of Term policies are available on seniors aged 65 and older. These are policies that could be worth a large sum of money in the Secondary Market, and could make the difference between living with dignity and merely existing for many senior citizens.

To explore the benefits of the Secondary Market, seniors can get a SMV®, Secondary Market Valuation, on their policies through their advisors. With an SMV®, advisors have valuable information about the fair market value of a policy, information that can help clients who are facing fixed incomes or less aggressive investment decisions make informed decisions regarding financial challenges.

If you think your client is in a position where a SMV could provide a better outcome, talk to a secondary advisor at 800-384-8080. You can also go to to take the first steps in determining if a policy may qualify for a life settlement.