We are ashar

Jon B. Mendelsohn

Chief Executive Officer
The results we deliver go well beyond a liquidity event. We provide peace of mind, so families and businesses can focus on what matters most to them – choices and the ability to make their own decisions.

As a former educator, Jon uses his passion for learning to inspire the entire team to expand their knowledge and ensure they are experts in everything related to Ashar’s core business – life settlements, policy valuations, and longevity services. But he also has a keen understanding that lessons are found in a variety of places – even in the form of Tik Tok life hacks.  

Since co-founding Ashar Group in 2003, Jon has been an influential member of the industry, serving as an advocate for best practices and transparency. Through tireless collaboration with members of the insurance and financial services, legal, and trust communities, he has developed unique and proprietary processes that save advisors valuable time and manage client expectations in a responsible manner. 

Jon earned two bachelor’s and a master’s degree from the University of Florida (go Gators!). He participated in the Strategic Coach program for 6 years to continue to develop both personally and professionally and is a member of numerous industry organizations and boards. He works, plays, and lives in the Central Florida area and enjoys spending quality time with his parents, siblings, wife and two daughters.

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