Bankruptcy and Life Settlements

Jul 16, 2020

  Every year, thousands of senior citizens in America file for bankruptcy for a variety of reasons. Medical bills, housing markets, long-term care, and more account for some reasons why Americans are in this predicament. However, it could be much worse for those who are beyond their earning years and are in retirement. Where are […]

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Here’s How to Attract More Nonprofit Clients to Your Financial Practice

Jul 09, 2020

For many financial advisors, working with nonprofit clients is the gold standard in their industry. Because nonprofits are dependent on the generosity of donors and entities with high net worth, financial advisors who can successfully partner with foundations can often also open doors to valuable partnerships with donors. But the question for most financial advisors […]

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4 Ways to Maximize Assets In Retirement

Jul 02, 2020

It’s no secret that seniors are living longer than ever before. Thanks to medical advances, technology, and other factors, seniors in the 21st century are outliving previous life expectancies. What’s more, people are staying healthier for longer as well. 65-year-olds can generally expect to have plenty of years of active living ahead of them. However, […]

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The 3 Biggest Financial Concerns When Caring for Aging Parents

Jun 18, 2020

Although it’s not what one plans for, thousands of adults across the nation have found themselves caring for aging parents. This care could range from occasional assistance, like helping a parent shop for groceries or getting to their appointments. This increased demand for both time and money can lead to stress and strain for everyone […]

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How a Life Settlement Can Help Your Business Clients

May 28, 2020

Life settlements can be an enormous help to seniors who are struggling to pay their life insurance premiums or need to cover the costs of long-term care. However, it’s not just individuals who can benefit from selling their life insurance. Businesses can also take advantage of life settlements in a variety of ways. Take a […]

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Should I Sell or Keep My Life Insurance Policy?

May 07, 2020

A major dilemma plaguing our senior population is what to do with their life insurance policy. As the American population is aging, seniors are outliving their coverage or are faced with rising premiums to keep their policy in force. More often than not, seniors choose to lapse or surrender their policy because they are unaware […]

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How Advisors Can Lose Clients by Not Mentioning a Life Settlement

Apr 16, 2020

Let’s imagine a scenario: You’re a financial advisor with a client who is facing retirement and is hoping to generate more cash flow to support the lifestyle she planned on enjoying. This client is widowed and has a $1 million life insurance policy that she doesn’t need anymore. A life settlement could unlock significant value […]

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How Life Settlements Can Impact Business Planning

Mar 26, 2020

Life insurance assets associated with business owners or key stakeholders can present profitable opportunities for securing capital that can affect business planning. This article presents illustrative cases and resources for fiduciaries seeking a secondary market valuation.

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Become a Financial Superman

Mar 05, 2020

Swooping in to save your client from making financial mistakes is your job as their advisor. However, do you know the value of all their assets, including their life insurance? While life insurance is often overlooked as an asset, it could be the most valuable asset your client owns. And a life settlement can unlock […]

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Changing Estate Tax Needs

Feb 13, 2020

  For many, the idea of estate planning refers to a will, a written document designating your possessions to the people or organizations you care about most. For others, an estate plan is an annuity or life insurance policy to protect assets for the next generation. However, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017 […]

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