Over the past several years, life settlements have taken center stage in the financial world as regulations around life insurance have increased. And as such, they have become a valuable tool in comprehensive planning. However, we still come across many financial professionals who may know what a life settlement is, but not how the transaction works or could help their clients. This is where Ashar Group can help.



Life settlements have been an accepted financial tool for over 30 years, but many financial professionals are still unfamiliar with the details of how the transaction works.

The life settlement option can be a great benefit to seniors struggling with issues like how to pay for long-term care, mounting medical bills, or a dwindling retirement fund. It’s important that financial advisors understand the life settlement exit strategy. Not only may it be useful to your clients over the age of 70, but it can also enhance your financial practice and reputation.


stock market volatility

This post is the fourth in our series of continuing education resources for advisors. The life settlement industry is complex and we here at Ashar want to make it easy for you and your client to navigate this complicated field.

Stock market volatility is generally a cause for nervousness among financial advisors, if not outright concern. But, as with most things, there is a silver lining: an uncertain stock market can drive investors to put their money into other assets that aren’t connected to the vagaries of Wall Street. (more…)

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