We're Big Fans of Using the "F" Word. Fiduciary.

Why is Fiduciary Representation Important?

The only way an advisor can ensure their clients get an accurate valuation of their existing life insurance policy (and the best value if a life settlement option is chosen), is by partnering with a life settlement resource that has a fiduciary duty to protect the best interests of the policy owner/seller.



Tax changes are expected to ignite a surge in planning scenarios needing life insurance policy valuations. ​​​

Policy valuations for any need (trust-to-trust transfer, merger & acquisition, charitable donations, bankruptcy, or marital dissolutions) are incomplete without a fair market value and longevity component.  

Ashar Group has certified valuation and longevity analysts on staff who provide accurate and timely life insurance valuations for any planning need. As a qualified appraiser of life insurance for estate, tax, and charitable planning, Ashar Group is also a life settlement broker with a fiduciary responsibility to protect the best interests of the policy owner/seller in the life settlement process.

Some of your retirment-age clients could benefit from a life settlement solution to provide funds for retirement planning, long-term care, or medical costs. If they own existing life insurance policies they no longer need, a life settlement can be a valuable alternative to lapsing or surrendering an unwanted policy.

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