How the Ashar Team Lives Our ValuesFrom the time of our company’s founding, we at Ashar have placed our core values at the center of our work.

We believe in what we do because we’ve witnessed firsthand how a life settlement can bring relief to families that have been experiencing intense financial stress for months - sometimes years.

After completing a life settlement, we’ve heard from our partners about families that finally feel able to enjoy their time together again, after spending years worrying about how they were going to fund their retirement, or pay health care expenses, or both.

We’ve heard from adult siblings who are able to put an end to money squabbles once and for all - and instead put that energy toward giving their parent the best quality of life possible.

We believe that this is how we are privileged to serve: by assisting trusted financial advisors in helping their clients through some of the most trying times of their lives.

Through it all, these are the values that guide us.


We hold ourselves to very high standards in everything we do. That includes everything from legal ethics and compliance - we’re among the most compliant life settlement firms in the country - to the way we treat the financial advisors we work with.

We place respect, honesty, and kindness at the center of every relationship we form. Thanks to this refusal to compromise our integrity, we’ve built a brand name that really means something in our industry. We take great pride in that fact.


We believe firmly that service is at the heart of our work. As our Executive Vice President, Jamie Mendelsohn, says about this particular moment in time, when a full third of the U.S. population is moving into the senior demographic, “The opportunities to serve are limitless.”

We take that commitment to service outside our office walls, too. Our leadership and staff consider giving back to our community to be a way of life. Ashar Group has long supported the company cause, the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America, and Jamie has been very active in working with them. Ashar’s President, Jason Mendelsohn, serves on the board of both the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance, and the Florida Hospital Cancer Institute. He has worked hard to raise funds for cancer research through the Ride to Conquer Cancer.


Being authentic requires beginning every relationship with transparency, honesty, and a frank discussion of the facts.

Deciding to pursue a life settlement is a big financial decision. We don’t want anyone making that choice without feeling that they’ve heard and understood how it works, what our role as a life settlement broker is, and what the benefits are.

Work ethic

We work as hard as it takes in order to get the best results for our clients - plain and simple.

That means never settling for a mediocre offer when we know that a better one - one that reflects the policy’s fair market value - is out there. It means helping financial advisors and their clients through every step of the life settlement process, whether or not we’re “on the clock.”

Perhaps most importantly, it means never getting complacent. We know that hard work is what got us where we are today, and it’s the only way that we’ll continue to improve.


Integrating these values into our work, in combination with a commitment to always learning more, has brought us to a position of excellence that we are very proud of. We see this in our bottom line, true - but we see it even more in the number of advisors who continue to work with us for years.

As we’ve said before, we’re in this industry for the long haul. That means being a team, and a company, that financial advisors and their clients can be proud to be partnered with. It means treating everyone we interact with respect. It means striving always to be better at what we do.

At Ashar, our work to help families what we value the most. To read more about how we incorporate our guiding principles into our work, check out “Why Relationships Matter to Ashar.