We are ashar

William J. Clark

Senior Director
We are different by design because we choose to partner with those who share our values and build lasting relationships on a foundation of mutual trust.

In his former life, Bill was an elementary school principal, which serves him well as Ashar’s resident guidance counselor who encourages our team both personally and professionally. He has lovingly been referred to as Mr. Ashar for his dedication to our Golden Rule: do what is right, and you will be blessed.  

Bill is a veteran of the financial services industry. Prior to joining the Ashar team in 2006, he was Vice President of Agency in the Northeast Region at one of the nation’s largest insurance carriers. As Senior Director at Ashar, Bill’s primary role is guiding the leadership team, overseeing professional growth, and developing the overall brand and communication strategy. He has been instrumental in the design and execution of programs that help financial professionals understand how to utilize life insurance policy valuations and longevity planning to better serve their clients.  

Bill earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Illinois State University. He resides in Central Florida with his wife Tina. They are active members of their community church, avid mountain bikers, and crazy dog lovers. He enjoys spending his free time with their wonderful grandchildren.  

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