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Ashar Group is proud to support ACTEC fellows. As a qualified appraiser of life insurance for estate, tax, and charitable planning, Ashar is also a life settlement broker with a fiduciary responsibility to protect the best interests of the policy owner/seller in the life settlement process.

Two ways charitable organizations use policy valuations and life settlements to increase donations:

    1. Get ahead of donated policies that are at risk for lapsing by requesting a policy appraisal to determine fair market value.  Ashar Group can provide policy valuations by a qualified appraiser for Form 8283 and transfers for tax purposes.
    2. Speak with potential donors about how a life settlement can allow them to gift cash without tapping into existing liquidity.

Request a Webinar

Ashar Group has created a virtual knowledge base to provide fiduciaries, financial professionals, and strategic partners the ability to stay current on the life settlement market and educate them on the importance of treating life insurance as an asset.


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