Life Insurance Valuation Education for Fiduciaries

Title: The Role of Life Insurance Valuation and Life Settlements in Your Practice

Time: 30/45/60 minutes (Continuing Education Available)
Presenter:  Jamie Mendelsohn, EVP (BIO)

Our presentation will provide the following information and perspective on the topics below:

  • Alternative life insurance valuation options for estate, business, tax, matrimonial disputes, and charitable planning situations

  • Case studies of sales and valuations with trusts, business, individual, and charity-owned policies
  • Current tax treatment and regulation on the life settlement transaction
  • An overview of the current life settlement market, its participants, and client profile
  • Professional responsibility and documentation overview

Ashar Group is a trusted resource for fiduciaries interested in learning more about life insurance valuation and life settlements. We are a nationally licensed life settlement brokerage firm focused on educating fiduciaries on the importance of treating life insurance as an asset.  We have presented all around the country at industry meetings, estate planning councils, and educational institutions. We are extending the opportunity for you to learn more about the role of life insurance valuation and life settlements in your planning practice.

Please reach out to schedule a webinar for you, your staff, your client, or centers of influence about the importance of treating life insurance as an asset like you would treat any other ordinary property. 

Ashar Promise: We are a nationally licensed life settlement broker/seller’s representative with a fiduciary duty to represent the best interests of the policy owner/seller.

  • We do not sell life insurance or any other financial products.
  • We do not sell investment products or provide financial advice.
  • We do not purchase existing life insurance policies sold in the secondary market.

Deliberately Independent
We're nationally licensed with a fiduciary duty to represent the policy owner. We do not sell life insurance, manage assets, or purchase policies. There are no conflicts of interest with our partners. Our only interest is your best interest.

Policy Auction Platform
Our secure proprietary policy auction platform forces competition among the nation's top institutional life settlement buyers – resulting in multiple bids and ultimately the highest possible offer to the policy owner.

Enterprise-Level Solutions
Since 2003, we've focused on developing education, training, and industry awareness for thousands of financial professionals, fiduciaries, and families – earning ourselves a reputation as the trusted and complete solutions specialist in the life settlement and policy valuation market.

In-House Experts
We've built a team of passionate professionals, certified valuation analysts, and in-house longevity experts with the knowledge to perform responsible price discovery designed to determine the best path for each client's planning engagement.

Life Insurance Policy Auction Results


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Ashar Group has created a virtual knowledge base to provide fiduciaries, financial professionals, and strategic partners the ability to stay current on the life settlement market and educate them on the importance of treating life insurance as an asset.
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