Life Insurance Valuation

Early Detection Protects Client Best Interests

Life insurance can be the largest unmanaged asset a client owns, and it is rarely reviewed for fair market value like other assets in a client's portfolio.  Policy owners allocate significant liquidity on an ongoing basis, often long after transitioning out of the original need that the policy was put in place to protect.


  • The ITR/Form 712 is higher than expected
  • Unwinding complex life insurance structures
  • The policy is no longer need
  • The policy is too expensive
  • The policy owner wants to reallocate premiums to other planning needs
  • Business exit planning and M&A transactions
  • ILIT reviews
  • Marriage dissolution
  • Bankruptcy proceedings
  • Charitable contributions and Form 8283

Sometimes the policy is worth more than the cash surrender value. Your clients can choose to sell the policy for much larger value in a life settlement transaction.

The funds received can be used for anything - medical and caregiving needs, charitable donations, retirement planning, and more.

Request the Planning Checklist for Existing Life Insurance

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