Funding Life When Life Changes

A life settlement can take some of the unknown out of "what's next?"

Like most people, you likely put life insurance in place to protect your spouse, your family, or maybe your business. As you age, the need for coverage goes down, while the costs keep going up. At the same time, you or your family may be faced with rising medical costs or the burden of long-term care.

Exchange Life Insurance to Fund Today's Needs and Reduce Tomorrow's Worries

That life insurance policy that protected you and your family all those years can now help take some of the unknown out of the next chapter of your life through a life settlement, which will always pay you more than lapsing or surrendering the policy.

Turning your policy into cash can help fund any of your retirement needs, from medical costs to lifestyle expenses, which will relieve the financial burden of funding life when life changes.

What can a life settlement do for you and your family?

Since 2003, Ashar Group has partnered with families, care communities, and the financial services industry to bring awareness to the fact that existing life insurance is an asset – often times the most valuable one you own – and you may not even know it.

"The results we deliver go well beyond a liquidity event. We provide peace of mind, so families and businesses can focus on what matters most to them – choices and the ability to make their own decisions."

Jon B. Mendelsohn | CEO | Ashar Group


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