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The Gender Gap in Retirement Savings

July 26,18 | 11:22 am

The Gender Gap in Retirement SavingsWomen encounter unique challenges for retirement that often begin long before they exit the workforce. A 2016 study by the The National Institute on Retirement Security, Shortchanged in Retirement, found women “80 percent more likely than their male counterparts to be impoverished at age 65 and older.” Continue reading

How to Talk to Your Aging Parent about a Life Settlement

July 25,18 | 9:25 am

How to Talk to Your Aging Parent about a Life SettlementA person’s financial situation and status may be one of the most sensitive subjects. Most adults intuitively understand that of the few subjects that are not “up for grabs” with their colleagues, their neighbors, their friends, and oftentimes even their closest relatives, personal finances tend to top the list. Continue reading

$22 Billion is Left on the Table Annually that Could Be Used for Long-Term Care

July 05,18 | 11:08 am

$22 Billion is Left on the Table Annually that Could Be Used for Long-Term CareAs life settlement brokers, we know that seniors age 65 and older are leaving huge amounts of money on the table in lapsed and surrendered life insurance policies. That’s why we work so hard with financial advisors to help seniors sell their life insurance policies. A life settlement can provide much needed liquidity for some of life’s most burdensome expenses, like long-term care or medical costs. Continue reading

Safeguarding Seniors The Role of Elder Law Attorneys (HM) (AC)

June 29,18 | 6:33 am

Safeguarding Seniors_ The Role of Elder Law Attorneys (HM) (AC)As individuals age, their lives may become much more complex. Whether it’s an increased need for medical care (and navigating bureaucratic barriers to access it), the necessity of estate planning, the challenge of caring for an ailing spouse, the search for affordable living assistance for themselves, the battle with various forms of ageism, or contending with other age-related variables that add complexity to their situations, seniors have unique needs. These needs are rarely simple and generally warrant specialized consideration and legal expertise. Continue reading

5 Easy Steps Every Senior Can Take to Safeguard Their Finances

June 12,18 | 6:59 am

happy retired couple looking over their finances with a calculatorRetirement may be sneaking up on you—or perhaps it’s already arrived. You think you have enough money, but you suspect there are potential pitfalls out there that can sabotage your years of hard work and diligence. You’re right to be concerned, but there are some easy things you can do to mitigate your worries. Here are 5 simple things you can do to protect your nest egg. Continue reading

The Best Ways to Give Away Your Money

May 24,18 | 7:18 am

Retired woman deciding how to divide her money including givingSo much of our adult lives is spent working to acquire money. We want to increase our income, improve our investment returns, add to our retirement accounts.

Once we’ve sent our children through college, reached our retirement funding goals, and accomplished what’s important to us, those of us who want to can shift to a new way of thinking. We can start deciding how we’re going to give our money away. Continue reading

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