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3 retired seniors wearing shirts that say “volunteer” collecting donations in boxes

4 of the Best Volunteer Jobs for Retirees

September 21,17 | 4:34 am

3 retired seniors wearing shirts that say “volunteer” collecting donations in boxesRetiring today isn’t what it was 30 years ago.

Today’s retirees are living longer, are often more active, and are expecting more out of their senior years than previous generations did. That’s part of why so many retirees are embarking on encore careers or starting their own businesses.

But there’s one element of an active retirement that hasn’t changed: volunteering. Retirement is a perfect time to follow your passion, whether or not you’re earning a paycheck for doing so. Here are just a few incredible volunteer jobs for retirees who want to stay busy. Continue reading

Longevity and Life Settlements – Some Life Insurance Carriers Are Canceling Policies After Age 100, Reports the Wall Street Journal

September 07,17 | 2:01 am

Portrait of woman with her senior mother age 100, who may have her life insurance policy canceledThere’s a time during our lives when life insurance can give us incredible peace of mind. When our children are young, or when they’re heading off to college, it’s a relief to know that if something happened to us, their world wouldn’t end.

The family would still have money to live on. Tuition would still be paid. The mortgage would be covered. Continue reading

When Does a Life Settlement Make Sense for Your Client?

September 05,17 | 3:46 am

stacked coins on top of life insurance paperwork with pens for life settlementIf you haven’t facilitated many life settlement transactions, you may be wondering whether a life settlement is the right choice for your client.

Selling a life insurance policy isn’t something to be taken lightly, after all, and you want to be sure you’re suggesting a smart option.

However, when a senior, and possibly his or her family, are struggling under the immense burden of medical care or long-term care costs, a life settlement can be exactly what they need to alleviate that stress. Continue reading

5 Effective Ways That You Can Help Protect Your Senior Clients’ Finances

August 31,17 | 3:27 am

As a financial advisor, you’re used to protecting your clients’ best financial interests. Evaluating investment options, advising on savings goals, ensuring their assets are safeguarded – these things are all part and parcel of being an advisor.

But senior clients have a unique set of financial vulnerabilities, many of which require a good deal of tact and sensitivity to address. Here are 5 effective ways that you can protect against these vulnerabilities, and provide your senior clients with the best value possible. Continue reading

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