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You Don’t Have To Work Forever: You May Have More Assets Than You Think

July 09,19 | 9:00 am

Although today’s seniors can generally look forward to longer lifespans, many feel anxiety about their financial future and the need to continue working indefinitely to make ends meet. If you’re one of these seniors, the idea of comfortably retiring may seem unimaginable. But you may be sitting on a valuable financial asset you’re not even aware of. Continue reading

Informing Grantors About Their Policy

July 02,19 | 3:53 am

Even seasoned policy owners can benefit from learning more about their policy, how the policy is affected by the market, and more. Both the grantor and the trustee can find these discussions constructive and productive. Continue reading

Life Settlement Myth #2: Your Client Should Keep Paying for Life Insurance In Case a Buyer Wants to Purchase It

June 25,19 | 3:19 am

Your Client Should Keep Paying for Life Insurance In Case a Buyer Wants to Purchase It

Some of your retirement-age clients might think that they should keep paying for life insurance, i.e. expensive premiums, in hopes of a buyer eventually purchasing their policy. Yes, it is wise to practice forward planning with personal finances, but with life insurance, things are rarely black-and-white. Continue reading

Life Settlement Myth #3: I’m not a life insurance expert, so I shouldn’t speak to my clients about life settlements

June 06,19 | 3:23 am

If the topic of life settlements makes you feel like you’re entering uncharted territory, know that you’re not alone. After all, the life settlement business is still relatively new, having first emerged approximately 30 years ago. In the last 10 to 15 years, the practice has grown more inclusive, helping individuals manage and finance life changes of all sorts, not just major health developments. The great news is, you don’t have to be a life insurance expert to discuss life settlements with your clients, and we bet you’ll find that the subject naturally fits into the conversations you’re already having. Continue reading

Life Settlement Myth #1: Buyers want to purchase policies rich in cash

May 23,19 | 1:51 pm

At Ashar Group, we have the privilege of helping individuals recover much-needed cash through the sale of their existing life insurance policies to licensed institutional buyers. Time and time again, we have seen life settlement transactions relieve financial stress associated with retirement, medical expenses, and long-term care needs. Continue reading

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