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File folder with “assets” label in financial advisor’s office

The Biggest Asset You Haven’t Discussed with Your Clients

January 19,18 | 3:01 pm

File folder with “assets” label in financial advisor’s officeAre you inadvertently ignoring one of your clients’ biggest assets?

Houses, trusts, businesses, retirement funds, and other equities – doubtless, you’ve discussed each of these assets with your clients at length. But what about their life insurance policy?

Despite the fact that life insurance is an asset, many financial advisors, not to mention policyholders, don’t think of it that way. This is why seniors are leaving such huge amounts of money on the table through lapsed or surrendered life insurance policies. Approximately $112 billion in death benefit is lapsed by seniors annually, according to the latest research on the topic. Continue reading

Senior woman with loving caregiver holding hands and smiling

Caregiving 101: Basic Tips for First-Time Caregivers

January 18,18 | 2:46 am

Senior woman with loving caregiver holding hands and smilingBecoming a full- or part-time caregiver to a loved one may have been something you saw coming years ago, or it may have been a sudden surprise.

Whether or not you prepared yourself for the possibility that someone you love would need your care, caregiving can come with a whole lot of uncertainty. How will you keep track of your loved one’s appointments, medications, etc.? How do you protect your own emotional health? How much financial information do you need to know or have access to? Continue reading

3 Urgent Reasons You Should Talk to Your Retired Clients About Life Settlements

January 02,18 | 2:29 pm

Given that life settlements are still not as mainstream in the financial advising world as they have the potential to be, many advisors don’t bring them up to their senior clients as a possible option.

This means that a client could be sitting on a sizeable asset – a life insurance policy – that they don’t even realize is an asset. Here are a few reasons why you should remedy this situation in as timely a manner as possible. Continue reading

A Look Back at 2017: A Roundup of Our Most Popular Blog Posts

December 26,17 | 3:58 am

desk calendar on blank desk2017 was a busy year for us here at Ashar. We broke into the infographic world. We discussed the longevity crisis. We kept the conversation about long-term care and caregiving going strong.

With 2018 coming right around the bend, we thought we’d take a look back at some of our most popular posts from this past year. Continue reading

Making the Holidays Merry for a Loved One in Long-Term Care

December 22,17 | 3:54 am

Senior woman in Santa hat at long-term care facility celebrating holidays, drinking tea and looking out the windowLet’s be honest: no one wants to spend the holidays in a long-term care facility. It doesn’t matter how wonderful the staff is or how home-like they strive to make the facility feel. The holidays are simply difficult when a loved one isn’t able to be at home – there’s just no way around it. Continue reading

Elderly senior with cane walking with a nurse outdoors, illustrating longevity crisis

Should We Be Talking About a Longevity Crisis, Rather Than a Retirement Crisis?

December 12,17 | 7:54 am

Elderly senior with cane walking with a nurse outdoors, illustrating longevity crisisThose of us who work in the personal finance industry, whether as financial advisors, retirement planners, or in other capacities, have been talking for years about the “retirement crisis.”

According to various studies, anywhere from 54% to 80% of American Baby Boomers lack sufficient retirement funds. What’s worse, according to research by GoBankRates, 1 in 3 Americans have $0 saved for retirement. Continue reading

I’m an Insurance Advisor. Why Should I Learn About Life Settlements?

December 08,17 | 1:38 am

insurance advisor working on life settlement with client signing paperworkFor many insurance advisors, learning about life settlements can seem overwhelming. It’s a relatively new industry with comprehensive regulations. There are countless other concerns taking up their time and energy. And, because many seniors aren’t aware of the life settlement option, insurance advisors may not see much demand for the information.

However, at Ashar, we work with insurance advisors all the time who want to strengthen their client relationships and offer this valuable service. What we’ve found is that incorporating life settlements into an insurance advisor’s offerings can be of great benefit to both the advisor and his or her senior clients. Continue reading

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