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5 Concrete Ways a Positive Outlook Can Improve Your Retirement

April 17,18 | 9:24 am

Smiling retired man on suburban streetWe all know that a positive outlook can have an immense effect on your quality of life. If you’re looking for silver linings, you’ll generally find them – if all you look for are clouds, that’s what you’ll see.

This can become even more important during retirement. Seniors who work hard to maintain a positive outlook during this major life change can reap real, concrete benefits. Continue reading

Advances in Alzheimer’s Treatment Music to Your Ears

April 12,18 | 5:54 am

Advances in Alzheimer's Treatment Music to Your EarsContemporary Alzheimer’s disease treatment has long been dominated by drug-based interventions. Though pharmaceutical approaches have shown some success in halting cognitive decline, their use is quite limited and not without the many serious side effects that may accompany the use of any drug. Continue reading

Your Client Has Sold Their Life Insurance Policy. Now What?

April 06,18 | 7:12 am

Financial advisor talking to smiling senior couple after completing a life settlementYou’ve just helped your client complete a life settlement. Congratulations! You’ve saved them years of expensive premium payments, increased their financial security, and given them a financial cushion in case they need long-term care.

Now that your client has received their lump sum payment, the question becomes – now what?

While some clients may know exactly how they want to use the funds received from a life settlement, others will need some guidance. First, all clients should have a discussion with their tax advisor about the tax implications of the transaction. Continue reading

3 Clues Your Client Might Benefit from a Life Settlement

April 05,18 | 3:44 am

happy senior couple sitting on the beachOne issue that financial advisors, elder care lawyers, long-term care advisors, and insurance advisors may all experience in common is that they don’t know when a life settlement might be a good fit for a client.

Since many financial professionals are unfamiliar with the life settlement market already, it can be difficult to determine how it might work given a specific client’s situation. Will it have any retirement implications? Will it change their estate plans? Will it affect their adult children? Continue reading

The Future of Caregiving: AI, Robots, and More

April 05,18 | 12:00 am

Senior woman using tablet at homeCaregiving today looks very different than it did 50 years ago. Thanks to improvements in medicine, technology, and psychology, among other things, today’s family caregivers have more resources available to them, as well as a greater ability to maintain their loved one’s quality of life.

With the speed at which technology is currently developing, family caregiving is going to look even more different in 5 years – in fact, we’re on track to have more change in these next five years than we did in the last 20. Here are just a few things we can expect from the future of family caregiving. Continue reading

Co-Housing, Villages, and More – Alternatives to Assisted Living for Seniors

April 03,18 | 10:08 am

Neighbor in senior village bringing groceries to elderly womanFor as long as many of us can remember, seniors who needed a little help getting around had two options: move in with family, or enter an assisted living community.

Most seniors, of course, would rather stay in their homes, but this often proves so difficult that they find themselves unable to do so. Unfortunately, the decision to move often happens after a crisis, like a health scare or fall. Continue reading

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