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Fit After Fifty: Better Living Through Pickleball

September 14,18 | 3:27 am

Fit After Fifty

If the thought of exercise makes you cringe, you aren’t alone. We know we should exercise to be healthy and fit, although just one in five adults gets the recommended activity they should. A study conducted by AARP shows that about 85 percent of adults over 50 agree that exercise boosts general health, and 83 percent believe it improves fitness, yet the majority of respondents spend less than 30 minutes exercising each week. Continue reading

What to include in your will: a checklist

September 12,18 | 9:24 am

What to include in your will: a checklistIt’s an undeniable truth. None of us will live forever, so what happens to your possessions — not to mention younger children — when you pass away?

Creating a will— putting your wishes down on paper specifying who will get your property when you die, and/or confirming who will care for your minor children — is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Not only will you gain peace of mind, but a will can also help your heirs avoid unnecessary stress and aggravation. Without a will (or another plan such as a living trust), the laws in your state will determine how your property is distributed, usually to your closest relatives such as your spouse, children, or parents. Continue reading

Estate Planning: Considerations for Choosing Your Executor

September 07,18 | 7:54 am

When thinking about estate planning, choosing an executor — the person you appoint to administer your estate and fulfill your final wishes — should be among your top priorities.

Choosing the right executor can make the difference between timely, effective management and smooth dispersal of your assets, and a protracted and possibly embattled probate process. Continue reading

Strength Training for Seniors: Why Cardiovascular Exercise Isn’t Enough

September 04,18 | 5:41 am

Strength Training for Seniors: Why Cardiovascular Exercise Isn't EnoughWhile it’s not uncommon to see senior citizens walking on a treadmill, making rounds on an outdoor track, or simply strolling through a park, it is unusual to encounter seniors engaged in strength training.

This is extremely unfortunate, because strength training (also known as resistance training or weight lifting) is the only form of exercise capable of preventing, and even reversing, some of the most problematic and potentially debilitating aspects of the aging process — namely bone-density loss, muscle loss, and cognitive decline of executive function. Continue reading

Senior-Specific Tips for Successful Trip Planning

September 03,18 | 1:25 am

According to recent research by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), a large majority of seniors will embark on at least one leisure trip in the coming year. A little over half of seniors expect to travel domestically, though 43 percent say they would like to travel both in the U.S. and abroad. Continue reading

The Gender Gap in Retirement Savings

July 26,18 | 11:22 am

The Gender Gap in Retirement SavingsWomen encounter unique challenges for retirement that often begin long before they exit the workforce. A 2016 study by the The National Institute on Retirement Security, Shortchanged in Retirement, found women “80 percent more likely than their male counterparts to be impoverished at age 65 and older.” Continue reading

How to Talk to Your Aging Parent about a Life Settlement

July 25,18 | 9:25 am

How to Talk to Your Aging Parent about a Life SettlementA person’s financial situation and status may be one of the most sensitive subjects. Most adults intuitively understand that of the few subjects that are not “up for grabs” with their colleagues, their neighbors, their friends, and oftentimes even their closest relatives, personal finances tend to top the list. Continue reading

$22 Billion is Left on the Table Annually that Could Be Used for Long-Term Care

July 05,18 | 11:08 am

$22 Billion is Left on the Table Annually that Could Be Used for Long-Term CareAs life settlement brokers, we know that seniors age 65 and older are leaving huge amounts of money on the table in lapsed and surrendered life insurance policies. That’s why we work so hard with financial advisors to help seniors sell their life insurance policies. A life settlement can provide much needed liquidity for some of life’s most burdensome expenses, like long-term care or medical costs. Continue reading

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