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How Much Could Your Client’s Life Insurance Policy Be Worth?

December 20,19 | 1:20 pm

Fiduciaries often hesitate to explore the option of a life settlement with their senior clients, even when both parties stand to benefit. The most common reason is a lack of understanding about how the process works. This piece provides insight, as well as resources for moving forward to understand how much their life insurance could be worth. Continue reading

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This Alternative to Lapsing a Life Insurance Policy Could Keep Your Client from Losing Money

November 26,19 | 2:15 am

Many life insurance policyholders are unaware of alternatives to allowing their policy to lapse or surrendering it for the cash value, therefore foreclosing the opportunity to receive fair market value for their policy through a life settlement.

In the landmark decision of Grigsby v. Russell in 1911, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that life insurance is personal property. Meaning, a life insurance policy can be bought and sold like any other form of personal property, such as a house or vehicle. It also means that while a policy owner is living, their life insurance policy holds value right now. If you have senior clients, they don’t have to wait to take advantage of the value of their life insurance policies. Continue reading

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What Senior Clients Want from Their Financial Advisors

November 19,19 | 3:14 pm

Professionals who offer financial consulting services play an important role in their clients’ quality of life. “Quality of life,” of course, can mean very different things throughout a person’s life. The financial needs of clients in their thirties, for example, can vary greatly from those of clients in their fifties.  Continue reading

How to Build Long-Term Business Relationships

October 15,19 | 4:28 am

Trust and respect. From serving as the backbone of a professional’s good name to being a catalyst for an organization’s long-term prosperity, these are among the cornerstones for building and sustaining success in business and beyond. Continue reading

Percentage of Children Funding the Needs of their Aging Parents

September 18,19 | 4:31 am

According to Forbes, it is more expensive to care for an aging parent than it is to raise a child for their first 17 years of life. However, few adult children possess the financial resources to successfully contend with this reality. For this reason, it’s important that financial professionals be well acquainted with the financial demands of familial caregiving and to prepare their clients accordingly.  Continue reading

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