This post is part of our series for advisors to pass to their clients.  Life settlements can be complex, but finding the right person to advocate on your behalf can make things that much easier. We here at Ashar Group want to help you provide the resources that policy sellers need to flourish in this chapter of their life.

Senior couple with financial adviser. Isolated on white background.

The secondary market can be difficult to navigate, particularly when you have a personal stake in the outcome of a life settlement. That’s why it’s wise to appoint a professional to advocate on your behalf during the transaction.

While some people select their children or a family friend to serve as a life settlement fiduciary, this can cause unnecessary conflict—and can lead to the senior leaving money on the table. After all, if you needed a lawyer, would you choose your dear, sweet granddaughter who’s in her second year of law school, or would you choose a barracuda with decades of experience?  (more…)

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