Facts About Life Settlements That Every Financial Advisor Should Know

Sep 17, 2021

Over the past several years, life settlements have taken center stage in the financial world as regulations around life insurance have increased. And as such, they have become a valuable tool in comprehensive planning.

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How to Determine if a Life Settlement is the Right Choice

Sep 10, 2021

Are you wondering whether a life settlement is the right choice for your client? Selling a life insurance policy is a big decision that you should be sure is the right option before recommending it to your client. However, when a senior, and possibly their family, is struggling under the immense burden of financial stress, […]

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How Life Settlements Can Enhance Your Practice and Senior Clients' Lives

Sep 01, 2021

  Life settlements have been an accepted financial tool for over 30 years, but many financial professionals are still unfamiliar with the details of how the transaction works. The life settlement option can be a great benefit to seniors struggling with issues like how to pay for long-term care, mounting medical bills, or a dwindling […]

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Alternative Solution to an Accelerated Death Benefit

May 06, 2021

An accelerated death benefit (ADB) on a life insurance policy enables the policy owner to receive a portion of the death benefit in the event of being diagnosed with a terminal illness or other life-threatening conditions that reduces your life expectancy to less than two years. But what if are you expected to live beyond […]

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Recent Cost of Insurance Increases Require Proactive Management of Life Insurance

Apr 29, 2021

Life insurance carriers are raising premiums on universal life products – many by substantial amounts. For a lot of policy owners, these cost of insurance (COI) increases come as a major (and unpleasant) surprise. While certain carriers have been raising rates at a relatively modest rate, others have ratcheted up their premiums by a drastic […]

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How is Big Data Changing the Financial Advising Industry?

Apr 22, 2021

  What is the big deal with big data? The overwhelming amount of data now available, and the progressively complicated technology that comes with it, have not only transformed our lives, but also the way industries function and compete. That can mean massive changes for the way advisors interact with their clients. With over 2.5 […]

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Policy Owners Are Throwing Away Money

Apr 15, 2021

Senior life insurance policy owners are rapidly lapsing or surrendering their policies for minimal value causing them to throw away decades of premiums.

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What’s the Difference Between a Viatical Settlement and a Life Settlement?

Apr 11, 2021

One of the many questions that financial advisors often get about selling one’s life insurance has to do with the difference between viatical settlements and life settlements. There’s a lot of confusion about these two transactions. To help clear up that confusion, here’s a brief explanation of viatical vs. life settlements.

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Life Settlements Increase Amid Life Expectancy Crisis in the US

Apr 08, 2021

Average life expectancy in the US took a drastic 1-year plunge during the first half of 2020 due to Covid-19. Historically, overall life expectancy has dropped only 3 times since 1860 attributable to the Civil War, the First World War, and the Spanish Flu epidemic. According to the CDC, heart disease and cancer have long […]

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3 Ways Retirees Can Improve Their Financial Situation

Mar 25, 2021

Making the shift from working life, to retirement life, can be a shock for even the most confident retirees. Even if you have saved your entire working life, financial stress can still creep up. Fortunately, there are many relatively easy ways that retirees - and near-retirees - can improve their finances.

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