If you’ve read our blog in the past, you may know that Ashar’s president, Jason T. Mendelsohn, is an oral cancer survivor. Diagnosed with stage 4 HPV-related tonsil cancer in 2014, Jason went through seven months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, as well as surgery to remove his tonsils and 42 lymph nodes.

As he says in his survival story video, throughout this very difficult time Jason’s thoughts were most often with his family - his wife, three children, parents, and brother and sisters. Keeping his mind on them helped him to get through each day of treatment.

At the same time, Jason’s family was also his biggest concern. As a husband and father, he was forced to consider very seriously the question that no parent wants to come face-to-face with: Would his family be OK if he couldn’t be there to take care of them?

Having worked in the life settlement business for many years, and in the banking industry before that, Jason has a deep understanding of the value of life insurance. Knowing that his policy would help provide for his family financially, in the unthinkable event that he should lose his battle with cancer, gave Jason the peace of mind to concentrate more deeply on getting and staying well.

We are so happy to be able to say that, with the love and support of his incredible family, Jason conquered his disease. Since then, our team at Ashar has been so inspired by Jason’s advocacy and fundraising efforts, including his participation last year in the 140-mile cycling fundraiser, Ride to Conquer Cancer.

To hear about Jason’s survivor journey in his own words, take a look at the above video.