get a secondary opinion®

There are many factors involved when making this big decision, but if other options aren’t readily available, a cash settlement in the secondary market can be a significant source of needed income. The Ashar SMV®, Secondary Market Valuation, can help you determine if your client’s policy has value beyond the cash surrender value. All types of policies can qualify, even Survivorships. When it comes to Term insurance, there is no cash surrender value but, there can often be considerable value uncovered by the Ashar SMV®. The same is true with underfunded Universal Life, Guaranteed UL policies, as well as second to die policies.

If you decide to sell a policy in the secondary market, an Ashar Secondary Market Specialist will help you and your client obtain the highest fair market value possible.
No matter what your scenario is, when it is time make any changes in a life insurance policy, make sure you get a determination of fair market value to help your client determine the most profitable alternative for their particular situation.