happy senior man and woman couple holding hands Despite the many complaints that people often have about growing older, there’s a whole lot to enjoy about this stage of life.

Don’t believe us? Here are just a few reasons to look forward to your senior years.

You’re free to enjoy your retirement

After putting in decades of learning and improving at your career, you’re now free to do something completely different - if you so choose.

Retirement looks different for every person these days, and there are more options than ever.

You could fulfill your dream of starting a small business. You could go back to work part-time or as a consultant. You could enjoy a more traditional retirement of relaxation, volunteering, and travel.

Whatever you choose, you’ll know that you’ve earned it.

You feel more confident about who you are and the choices you’re making

Growing older may not always impart wisdom, but it almost certainly imparts a certain confidence.

As we age and have more life experiences, whether joyous or challenging, we tend to grow more self-reflective and more aware of what’s truly important to us. Raising children, getting married or divorced, making and ending friendships, changing jobs or careers – all of these things force us to grow into ourselves and surpass our own expectations.

Growing and learning how to be our best selves is one of the greatest joys of getting older.

You’re likely to live longer and healthier than your parents did

With all the advances we’ve been making in scientific research, medicine, and long-term care, people alive today are living longer than their parents. We also have more knowledge about how to maintain our health, both physical and psychological.

Longer lifespans means a longer retirement, and more time to actually enjoy it. With this in mind, it’s important to ensure that longevity planning becomes part of your discussions with your financial advisor. One potential solution to help cushion your retirement savings is a life settlement, which allows life insurance policy owners to sell their policies on the secondary market for a lump sum. Long-term care costs can also become burdensome very quickly – especially if a loved one needs this level of care for years. Be sure to discuss any financial concerns with your advisor.

Fear and stress about aging will only increase the negative effects of aging

We all know the detrimental effects of stress on our physical and mental health.

When we feel fearful or stressed about aging, therefore, all we do is increase the potential negative side effects of aging.

If we can instead try to focus on the positive aspects of getting older, our bodies and minds are likely to stay healthier and more capable. If you’re having trouble feeling good about your age, spend some time thinking of all the things you’ve learned throughout the past decades, what you’ve accomplished, and whom you’ve been privileged to impact along the way. This is a great mental exercise in positive thinking.

You can support this positive mental framework in other ways, too - for example, by spending time with friends, pursuing passions or hobbies, and exercising regularly.

There are plenty of reasons why growing older is something to be appreciated. For more, read “5 Tips for Aging Gracefully.”