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Ashar Group, LLC serves as a strategic partner and complete solution specialist in the Secondary Market. We are a team of highly skilled experts who work on behalf of financial advisors, trustees and other financial practitioners to find, negotiate and secure the true market valuation for their clients' life insurance policies in the secondary market. Our unparalleled staff of professionals combines years of experience in the Life Settlement market. We are committed to attending to the needs and welfare of each individual client. We pride ourselves on integrity and the ability to identify the viability of a potential case quickly. Relationships and communication are the foundation for your experience with the Ashar Group. We understand that communication is the key to developing a profitable business for advisors in today's competitive market and we pride ourselves on being proactive, diligent and transparent. As economic and demographic circumstances emerge to create a demand for liquidity and cash flow solutions, Ashar is well-positioned to meet those needs head on.

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Why Ashar? As Secondary Market Specialists with over 15 years of experience in this unique and evolving sector, Ashar helps clients appraise, negotiate and monetize their life insurance and annuity assets with extraordinary care and professionalism. To accomplish this goal consistently and without compromising our advisors' reputations or time, we leverage the following critical factors: 1. The Power of Relationships We're in it for the long haul. Because of our approach and track record, Ashar enjoys preferred status with institutional funding partners, advisors and industry experts. Our meticulous reputation, precision and experience are always a value to our clients. 2. Protected Advisor and Client Experience We understand the advisor's world. We know that in order to preserve the relationship with the advisor, our role is to enable the advisor to serve the client. It is this insight that propels us to create smarter, simpler solutions and deep support for our clients. 3. Secondary Market Insight The secondary market is evolving quickly. Ashar is positioned to serve advisors and their clients in the coming decades. Our industry experience, preferred status and unique offerings enable us to deliver consistent and trustworthy results to our clients.
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