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As a trusted advisor, have you discussed alternative ways to fund long-term care (LTC) for your clients or their loved ones? With an aging population, the harsh reality is that a majority of Americans will need long-term care, assisted living, or homecare. Many clients in their 50-60’s cannot prepare for their own future as they’re forced to pay for the caregiving needs of their parents. Proactive decisions are pushed off and the cycle repeats itself.

Due to this unintentional, yet highly dangerous lack of planning, many families are unknowingly causing financial and emotional devastation to the multigenerational families for whom they care deeply. It is far to common for a client to call their advisor when they have an immediate long-term care need. At that point it’s typically too late. Failing to plan is planning to fail. At this point, they cannot qualify for long-term care insurance.

So what are the options? Why not try leveraging a Life Settlement to accomplish the goal?

By appraising and monetizing your client’s life insurance policy, you can enable clients to help fund their long-term care expenses and help give them find peace of mind. This frees up liquidity for the entire family which enables them to put the proper financial plan in place therefore allowing them to focus on what’s important, their family. For more information on funding Long Term Care through a Life Settlement, visit us at

get a secondary opinion®

Prior to the emergence of the Secondary Market, advisors had few options to offer clients when they were deciding whether to surrender or lapse a policy. Fortunately, the Ashar Group offers advisors a free online tool called the Policy Value Quiz. It is designed to help you determine in a timely manner if your client’s policy could qualify for a Secondary Market solution. This can be a terrific way to ensure that your client is not “leaving money on the table,” prior to surrendering or lapsing a life insurance policy for it’s cash surrender value. It can position you as the innovative advisor that assisted the client in generating short-term liquidity to fund lifestyle and healthcare needs.

Once you’ve qualified a policy and want to learn more, you can partner with Ashar Group as your Secondary Market resource to learn more about how to serve your clients, discuss this life-changing solution with your professional network that can impact your bottom line in a positive way. Ashar has developed a proprietary tool, our Advisor Resource Center. Here you’ll find valuable tools and case studies for reference. It also includes training videos that will guide you through the process and help you better understand the life settlement market.  Learn the answers to many of the complex questions that could come up in your discussions. It all starts with education and training, to provide you the support you need to uncover new opportunities for your clients and business.

If you have any questions about these resources that need further clarification, please email us at or call us at 800.384.8080. We’re here to help.

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