policy value quiz

Welcome to the Policy Value Quiz! This quick 7-question screening tool will help you determine if a life insurance policy may qualify for a Secondary Market Solution. At the end of the questionnaire you will receive a total score and the probability of qualification.

policy value quiz

  1. Question 1 of 7

    1 What is the AGE and GENDER of the policyholder?

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  2. Question 2 of 7

    2 What is the MEDICAL CONDITION of the policyholder?

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  3. Question 3 of 7

    3 What was the SMOKING STATUS of the policy at issue?

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  4. Question 4 of 7

    4 What is the POLICY TYPE?

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  5. Question 5 of 7


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  6. Question 6 of 7

    6 OUTSTANDING LOANS on the Policy:

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  7. Question 7 of 7

    7 What are the CURRENT PREMIUMS of the Life Insurance Policy?

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Life Settlement Probability:

Highly Unlikely

Based on the answer given on the Policy Value Quiz, the Policy may qualify for a Life Settlement.
Please call Ashar at 800-384-8080 to obtain the proper application for your state.

Thank you for using the Policy Value Quiz.

This evaluation provides a preliminary qualification of a Life Settlement and does not guarantee approval or denial. All applicants are recommended to submit a complete application for a more in-depth review. Please note that all policies must meet the Qualification Requirements. Please contact Ashar with any questions. We look forward to serving you soon!

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