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Real Estate and Life Insurance/Annuities have a lot in common. More than you might imagine.

Both are valuable assets, both have a market value that can be hidden from view until evaluated, and both respond to the forces of supply and demand. Most importantly, if you decided to sell your home, you could sell it on the open market for a fair price to a qualified buyer. The same is true with Life Insurance and Annuities. But with Life Insurance and Annuities, the place to sell those is the Secondary Market.

Today's policy owners finally have options instead of just surrendering or lapsing a policy. Now the potential exists for a policy to be sold on the Secondary Market and to generate cash flow when its needed most.

When it comes to selling your home the first step is to get it appraised by a qualified realtor. The same, again, holds true for Life Insurance and Annuities however, determining fair market value takes more expertise and specialized knowledge. We recommend getting a policy valuation before making your next move so that you can make an informed decision based on real data, not guesswork.

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You'll know quickly if the policy even merits further review and then can act accordingly. There is no cost and certainly no obligation for using the quiz.

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