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Fair Market Value for Your Life Insurance Policy

The Secondary Market has changed the way we think about life insurance and planning, and cannot be overlooked for a family, individual or business entity who are contemplating any change in a life insurance policy. Before the emergence of the Secondary Market for life insurance, individuals with impaired health were unable to receive additional consideration above and beyond the cash surrender value.

Now, that same individual may be able uncover additional value by selling a policy in the Secondary Market. The Secondary Market also provides seniors a liquidity option when stock portfolios are still recovering and insurance premiums are still high or increasing.

In general, policyholders who benefit most in the secondary market are over 65, are not terminally ill, and have a life expectancy out to 15 years. Their policies would have face amounts of between $100,000 and $50,000,000 and must be at least two years beyond the policy issue date.

If you think it would be prudent for your client to consider alternatives like the secondary market, talk to an Ashar specialist. You can also go to to take the first steps in determining if a policy may qualify for a life settlement. It only takes a minute, and it could help save your clients thousands.