get a secondary opinion®
As advisors first and foremost, we all want to serve with commitment and compassion in helping all parties involved in the consideration of a life settlement. That includes making it easy for advisors to learn about the secondary market, so you can help your clients make smart decisions, protect their independence and preserve their dignity. One of the best ways we can do this is giving open access to our Policy Value Quiz. It’s a quick 7-question screening tool that will help you and your clients determine if a life insurance policy may qualify for a Secondary Market Solution. At the end of the questionnaire, you will receive a total score and the probability of qualification.

Life Insurance is property, similar to other assets you own. If your client does decide to sell their policy in the secondary market, wouldn’t they want to know what it could be worth prior to taking it to market? Would they receive more for their policy than simply selling it back to the insurance company at a minimal value the carrier believes its worth? They would never just hand their home back to the bank without first checking its value on the open market, so why would selling your policy be any different? Are you Ready to take the quiz? Simply go to