get a secondary opinion®

Historically clients have always had their assets and property appraised. Would a client ignore valuable real estate, artwork, or jewelry?

Life insurance policies are both assets and property that may have a Secondary Market Value that greatly surpasses the cash value. How will the client know what it’s really worth if they do not have it appraised? Would there be liability if a policy was surrendered or lapsed that had a Secondary Market Value of 10-20-30% of the overall death benefit? What if their life policy was being transferred for fair market value? How would you determine that value?

The Ashar Group’s proprietary SMV® (secondary market valuation) process determines that value for you and your client.

Operating within the trust and estate planning markets can be complex. The need to consistently monitor and rebalance the components of a client’s overall plan can involve collaboration among many professionals and multiple disciplines.

As a starting point, get a secondary opinion® of the potential value of your client’s policy at