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get a secondary opinion®

As nationally recognize Secondary Market Broker with over 15 years of experience in this unique and evolving sector, Ashar helps clients appraise, negotiate and monetize their life insurance and annuity assets to get a fair market value and an influx of income that typically exceeds expectations. Our objective is to protect the interests of our clients throughout the settlement process with the utmost care and professionalism.

To accomplish this goal consistently, with compassion and without compromising our advisors' reputations or time, we follow a strict set of standards and leverage our extensive experience to gain and maintain a high level of trust:

- Preferred industry status. Because of our professional approach and proven track record for nearly two decades, Ashar enjoys preferred status with institutional funding partners, advisors and industry experts. Our attention to details, commitment to compliance and passion for ensuring the best case scenario for our clients has propelled us among the top Secondary Market Brokers.

- Protected Advisor and Client Experience. We are an advocate to the advisor's world. We know that in order to preserve the advisors relationship with the client, our role is to support the advisor so they can serve the best interest of their clients. It is this insight that propels us to create smarter, simpler solutions and deep support for the advisors we serve.

- Perceptive Insights into the Secondary Market. The secondary market is evolving constantly, and Ashar’s experience and involvement in this crucial market positions us to better serve advisors and their clients in the coming decades. This knowledge combined with our preferred status within the industry and our unique offerings enable us to deliver consistent and trustworthy results to our clients.

We want to make it easy for advisors to learn about the Secondary Market, so you can help your clients make the best decisions while preserving and protecting their dignity and lifestyle. We invite you to talk to a Secondary Market Specialist at 800-384-8080 or visit for more information on this emerging market.