For seniors and their families, there’s the ever-present concern that an accident or fall will happen when nobody’s around to help or get help. While a person may not always be around to lend a senior a helping hand, technology is getting closer and closer to filling that gap. Today, new smart devices are helping seniors safely live independent lives and giving reassurance to concerned family members and caregivers.

Here are five pieces of technology that can help you or your senior loved one stay independent, and stay safe.

1. Smart pill containers

Seniors often have several pills to take at specific times each day, and staying on schedule can sometimes be a challenge. Smart pill containers remove that challenge by tracking whether the person has taken their prescribed medication that day and sending them reminders when it’s time to take it. If they don’t take their medications, the container can send alerts to their caregiver or family members.

2. SOS buttons

If you’re a caregiver for a dementia patient, you know one of the biggest concerns is that they’ll wander off on their own in confusion and get lost. This is a valid concern, since according to the Alzheimer’s Association, 6 in 10 dementia patients will wander. That’s why a wearable SOS button is key. They can press it for immediate help when they become lucid, and it’ll connect them to a monitoring station that will use the device’s GPS to help them get home.

3. Wearable devices

Wearable devices, like smartwatches or smart pedometers, can offer an additional measure of security with features like accelerometers that can detect when the wearer has fallen. They can also monitor vitals and send alerts. This could be useful to patients who have undergone heart surgery. Complications can arise quickly without warning, and a wearable device that monitors vitals like heart rate and blood pressure can detect these changes, and notify family members, before the person wearing it would. Finally, wearables often include GPS tracking. That means connected devices could track down the wearer if he or she gets lost or wanders away from home.

4. Smart security systems

Ever lay in bed at night and wonder if you locked all the doors in your house? It’s a safety concern for all, but especially for seniors who may be on medication that impairs thought processes and memory and causes them to sleep more than usual. With an automated security system, safety is one less concern for seniors and their loved ones. An automated smart lock will automatically lock for a set amount of time or on a pre-set schedule, keeping seniors in and predators out. A smart security system equipped with motion sensors can send mobile notifications and sound an alarm if a door or window is opened.

5. Video monitoring

One of the riskier things elderly individuals can do alone is exercise, as they’re at higher risk of falling or injuring themselves. However, for most seniors, and especially for those recovering from joint replacement surgery, exercise and physical therapy are done at home on a regular basis. These workout sessions get a whole lot safer with video surveillance. Family members or friends can monitor the feed and make sure the senior isn’t in need.

Keeping an eye on loved ones, even if you’re not physically present, is possible. Consider smart-home technology as your partner in care.

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