get a secondary opinion®

Now we come to the determination of whether it’s time to consider a life settlement. This is something you can quickly determine by taking a Policy Value Quiz. It’s a quick 7-question screening tool that will help you determine if a life insurance policy may qualify for a Secondary Market Solution. At the end of the questionnaire, you will receive a total score and the probability of qualification.

The Questions include:

- What is the age and gender of the policyholder?
- What is the medical condition of the policyholder?
- What was the smoking status of the policy at issue?
- What is the policy type? (Whole Life, Term Life, Universal Life, etc.)
- What is the current cash surrender value?
- What are the outstanding loans on the policy (percentage of face amount)
- What are the current premiums of the policy?

Based on the answer given on the Policy Value Quiz, the policy is given a high or low probability to qualify for a Life Settlement. The quiz is free, and only takes a few minutes.

You can also call us here at Ashar Group at 800-384-8080 to discuss any the factors involved in a life settlement policy. get a secondary opinion® of the potential value of your client’s policy at