get a secondary opinion®

For a high number of seniors, the sad truth is that most will let their policies lapse instead of exploring a life settlement: which means no death benefit will ever be paid out. And according to the Insurance Studies Institute, 90% of these seniors would have considered a life settlement had they been aware of this option in the first place.

Yet many insurance agents are experience difficulty keeping up-to-date about the opportunities a life settlement may present. Some are even prohibited by their carrier or broker dealer to even have to discuss the subject of a life settlement with their clients in the first place. In situations where advisors have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients, this prohibition puts these planners in a position where they are literally handcuffed when it comes to meeting their fiduciary responsibility to their clients.

According to a life settlement study by the U.S. Government Accountability Office going back to 2010 and based on over 1,000 life settlement transactions, it found that seniors selling their policies in a life settlement transaction received almost 8 times as much money as the would have if they had surrendered their policy to the insurance company.

As a planner or fiduciary who has a client anticipating lapsing or surrendering a life insurance policy, it is to your advantage to get a secondary opinion® with The Ashar Group to see if you can do better with a life settlement. We are a team of highly skilled experts who work on behalf of financial advisors, trustees and other financial practitioners to find, negotiate and secure the true market valuation for life insurance policies in the secondary market.

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