If you aren’t on the podcast bandwagon yet, you are getting left behind. With financial podcasts, you can wash dishes or tend to a garden while learning how to do a better job of planning for the future - as well as the here and now.

There are a whole lot of podcasts out there, which can make it hard to zero in on the ones that are truly helpful. To help get you started on your podcast journey, here are the ones that we’ve found to be the most useful for retirees who want to make better financial decisions.

The Clark Howard Show

One thing seniors should know is how to avoid consumer rip-offs, and the Clark Howard Show tells you exactly that. It also helps guide you on how to spend less while maintaining a straightforward approach and dishing out easy-to-follow advice on how to keep more of your money.

The Dave Ramsey Show

Speaking of accessible, people of all ages and personalities can be heard calling in to the Dave Ramsey Show in search of advice on how to get out of debt, stay out, and start saving.

With more and more retirees entering retirement in debt, this podcast couldn’t be more topical for seniors in 2017. And any of your finance expert friends should be able to vouch for the host, a celeb in the world of finance.

The Truth about Money with Ric Edelman

Ric Edelman is the CEO of Edelman Financial Services, and his hour-long radio show covers personal finance and all that that encompasses - including retirement.

Listeners find his casual approach to be entertaining, yet highly informative, with solutions offered in plain language without all the finance-speak.

Stacking Benjamins

Everyone from US News & World Report to Popsugar has raved about Stacking Benjamins, a podcast dedicated to making both your life and bank account a bit richer.

It does so by introducing listeners to a plethora of new ideas and technologies to help them get a better grip on life both today and in the future. This is a podcast that will keep you on your toes - which, incidentally, is another way to keep your mind sharp through retirement.

The Disciplined Investor

Don’t know where to start when it comes to investing? Tune into Andrew Horowitz, a certified financial planner, and listen to his investment advice on how to take stock of and get better control of your monetary situation.

Even if you’re a veteran investor, this podcast is great for widening your financial awareness and keeping you in the know when it comes to stock markets.

Retirement Answer Man

Roger Whitney helps you work toward your ideal retirement while realizing retirement is not about managing money, but about managing time.

He’s a certified financial planner and his Retirement Answer Man podcast has been featured on CBS News and Investopedia. A few minutes with Whitney and you’re already on your way to less financial stress.


For many, Freakonomics needs no introduction. The wildly popular podcast Freakonomics Radio is a sister production from the guys behind the books co-authored by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt.

It runs the gamut of topics, including plenty of financial ones, without ever being boring. Each  episode is crafted to enlighten you and get you to think more creatively.

Smart Passive Income

Want to know how to earn a little money without dedicating too many hours to the cause? That’s an opportunity many retirees would leap at, and it’s the subject matter of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast.

Flynn has earned a cool three million dollars in a handful of years, according to Forbes, so whatever he has to say is worth a listen.

Financial Independence Podcast

On the Financial Independence Podcast, you’ll hear financial experts ready with strategies on how to be your best independent financial self, focusing on investing, real estate, and all things early retirement and financial independence. With such episode titles as “Retirement Made Easy” and “From $0 to Retired in 5 Years,” retirees, or retiree wannabes, may find much to consider.

So the next time you have the urge to turn on the TV, try tuning into a podcast instead. Who knows? You could, one day, be richer for it.