get a secondary opinion®

With more scrutiny on advisors and their fiduciary responsibilities regarding life settlements, there are a few things you can provide to a client when they come to you with questions about their policy options. These five tips will help you to find your client maximum profit during the life settlement process. 

- Help secure funds for quality care no matter the circumstances. An SMV® or Secondary Market Valuation can uncover “found money” to help pay for long-term care when your client does not qualify for long-term-care insurance.

- Providing immediate income instead of a policy surrender or lapse. Giving a senior the opportunity to sell their policy in the secondary market can bring them a much higher value as opposed to the cash surrender value (or nothing with a lapsed policy) offered by the insurance company who initiated the policy.

- Ensuring full disclosure about client options. With more states adopting legislation regarding an advisors responsibility in informing clients of their rights, advisors must be acutely aware of their fiduciary responsibilities to their clients, including the option of life settlements.

- Obtaining fair market value. Some life settlement specialists may use only one provider which means the policy value is determined by the buyer, not the open market. Establishing a relationship with a trusted and reputable life settlement broker will ensure your client receives Fair Market Value (FMV). This is essential not only for a client’s well-being, but also for an advisors reputation for due diligence.

- Converting a term policy into cash. With The Ashar Group’s Term Transformer, a convertible Term Life policy can be easily and effectively converted into a cash settlement.
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