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The possibilities of utilizing a SMV®, or Secondary Market Valuation, are many. If you are considering a Life Settlement, here are some important considerations:

• Make sure to work with a reputable Life Settlement Broker that will always have best interests of your client in mind. They will be will put your policy through a competitive bid process to ensure your client get the most for the policy.

• Consider the life settlement options. For example, Ashar offers a variety of alternatives when deciding on a life settlement: With the Lump Sum Settlement, the policy owner would sell the insurance policy that is no longer needed or affordable on the Secondary Market for more than cash value. With Term Transformer, a client can turn a term policy that is no longer effective for the policyholder or is about to expire into a cash settlement. And with Ashar's Split Death Benefit Option, the policyholder truly does have the best of both worlds. The policy owner retains a percentage of the death benefit while the buyer takes over the premium payments enabling the original policy owner to retain some coverage with no future premium payments on their part.

• Do it for the right reasons. Some reasons are better than others for choosing a life settlement. One easy way to determine if a life settlement is your best option is by going to to see if you qualify. Besides reasons like funding long term care or reducing or elimination premiums, other compelling reasons include:

* Determining the value of a policy for a recent merger or acquisition
* A change or transfer in business when a policy can be valued as a significant asset
* Funding a project by generating liquidity