core values

What Drives Us.

Values inform how an organization operates.  They are the soul of the company and whether or not it's always intentional, our values always inform how we do what we do and why.  

At Ashar, the values that form the foundation of our firm were taught at our dinner table as kids. They are the same values that we teach our families today and they are the active ingredient inside of every decision, every action.

We've built a brand name that matters in the industry where we serve and the reason for it is simple:  We refuse to bend or lower our expectations for ourselves or for others.  

The name Ashar is a symbol of this very important value:  

Ashar is is a biblical term that simply means, "Do what is right and you will be blessed."

 We've found this to be true.

Some choices start early.  With our family, with our business, it's the same: A genuine presentation of the facts, of ourselves, and our motives is a foundational truth of our firm.

Work Ethic:
We don't shirk effort or take short cuts.  The advisors we serve and the clients they protect rely on us to take every measure to do it right.

  We are simply the very best at we do and there is power in it.  A pride, a confidence, and a boldness about our cause comes through in how we operate and it's infectious. 

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